Moisturizing natural hair.

Moisturizing natural hair protects it from breakages, dryness, makes it softer, more easy to manage and also helps make the hair grow more healthier.

To moisturize the hair is not a difficult thing to do but most of us have a problem when it comes to it. Also oiling the hair does not add moisture to hair. If you oil your hair without adding water or any water based conditioner to your hair, your hair will be dry and have a bristle texture.

Some natural men and women have really thick and course hair and to make such hair manageable you have to moisturize it. Having a low porosity hair also needs frequent moisturizing. Moisturizing the hair can be done in the morning, afternoon and evening especially if your hair has low porosity.

Moisturizing the hair can be done in the LOC which is liquid, oil, cream method or LCO; liquid, cream and oil. LCO simply is to add water or water based product, water can be applied by the use of a spray bottle. The next step is to apply oil, most people are likely to use coconut oil but other oils such as jojoba and olive among many others can be used as long at it works for you. And the last step is to add a hair cream and Shea butter is a good example of cream to use. The oil and cream seals in the moisture. The LCO is also same as the LOC except the cream is added before the oil.

This is how I moisturize my hair, I use the LOC and LCO methods interchangeably. Am now using a new hair product called Zabri naturals, it came with some oils which I use in sealing the moisture. I use water for the liquid, I apply the water with a spray bottle. Then I use my Shea butter . After that I twist my moisturized hair or braid small or big corn rolls. And I cover it up with a silk scarf.

Please use a silk scarf or sleep on a silk pillow, silk materials do not drain the moisture from your hair as much as a cotton scarf or pillow will.



Do’s and Don’ts Of Natural Hair.

Hello family,

Today am going to be talking about some do’s and don’ts of natural hair. One big mistake I did when starting my natural hair journey was not searching for the things to do and not do. Rather I was more concern with increasing the length of my hair.


Do not envy the natural hair of others: envying the natural hair of others won’t make yours grow. There are different types of hair with different textures and growth rate. When you focus on the hair of others wishing to have same, you are likely to loose focus on maintaining and growing yours.

Do not follow regimen of others strictly: you may have the same texture of hair as someone, and that don’t mean whatever the person does to their hair for growth will automatically work for you. You have to know what works for you and develop your own regimen. With time you will see the result.

Do not use too much heat: if you are going to use heat in the form of a straightener or blow dry, make sure the heat is on the minimum. Too much heat will dry out the hair leading to breakages. To be on the safer side you can do the African thread method of straightening your natural hair.

Do not use chemicals in your hair: there are lots of natural hair products out there which can damage your hair instead of improving it. When you buy natural hair products, check to see that the ingredients are from natural sources. The ones you don’t know of you should google before use. Before dying your natural hair, you must research on the effects and benefits before going through with it.


Protective styling: having on protective styles for some period of time helps when having a natural hair. If you are someone who always have you hands in your hair (like myself), protective styles such as cornrows, twists, fixing weaves and braiding will really hear to stop manipulating your hair too much. Protective styles are good but make sure they are not tight, your hair will end up getting damaged.

Use of clean tools(combs): using of clean combs are advisable when having a natural hair. You do not want to get your scalp dirty. In addition to using clean tool, make sure your combs have wide gaps for easy detangling and less shedding.

Keep scalp clean: you must wash you hair and scalp and keep them clean. Dirt will block hair follicles which will not enable oils you apply to get to the roots of your hair. And dirt we all know is not good for the body. Although you have to keep scalp clean doesn’t mean you should shampoo every day.

Trimming hair tips: another do of natural hair is trimming your times. This enable you to cut off damaged tips. Tip trimming should not be done frequently, else you won’t see your hair growing and will end up getting frustrated. I trim mine every five to six months. You can decide the time you want to trim yours.

Stick with one product: don’t be a product freak and be trying one product from the other. Don’t use any product because it has promised length or volume. You will end up wasting money and not getting any results. Worst your hair can get damaged in the trying processes.

So this are the some of the do’s and  don’ts i discovered in my natural hair journey of three years. I used some because there are probably more thing that are good and bad for natural hair. But this are the basic ones I have experienced myself. Please leave your comments before and don’t forget to follow. You can also private message me through my email ( tanya57agbeka@gmail).




My natural hair journey

I did not start growing my hair as a kid. I always trimmed although I was in a private primary and junior high school. In senior high it was compulsory to trim your hair especially in the government schools. I had no problem with that because it was something I was use to. In the tertiary level you are allowed to do whatever you want with your hair either trimming or growing it out. As a girl with very soft hair I decided to go natural.

My natural hair journey begun right after senior high. I had about two inches of hair when I first braided. I wanted to be different from my peers and had on the loose braids (terrible choice). In about a week or two the braids started falling off. I removed the braids and had another one which was smaller ( what I should have done at first due to the length of my hair). That night I couldn’t sleep, I kept crying I was in so much pain and my head was aching. I was looking for a scissors or blade to cut the braids right from the root of my hair. I was going mad with pain. My sisters said it was normal and the pain will go after some days. This was far from normal, I was dying. I was given painkiller and eventually I fell asleep. After a month I removed the braids thinking my hair would have gotten to about three to four inches. That was not the story, my hair was still short. I was really frustrated and I actually started to hate my hair. Why is it so soft? Why  won’t it grow? Why is my hair colour not black? Why why why?  I kept asking myself all this questions and that did nothing to grow my hair but really stressed me out. I continue with protective styling and in about a year I noticed some growth and was a happy.

I started getting worried again when I saw the hair some peers of mine have gotten. I became obsessed with looking for growth remedies. Trying one remedy from the other, using any hair product which promised long hair and thickness. I was so desperate I started applying small amount of relaxer to my hair to bring out my hair length without disturbing the natural looking nature of my hair. I continuously dyed my hair so people’s attention won’t be on my length but the colour. My hair became really damaged and the worst part was I couldn’t grow my nape region. I started faking growth by crocheting (vixen method) natural looking weaves into my hair. Deep down I wasn’t happy, I might have deceived others but never myself.


These are  few images of my dyed hair . I have lost most pictures of my hair when dyed as well as pictures for the extensions been added.



My third year in the university I took a bold step and trimmed my hair especially my nape region which became as low as half an inch. I decided to stick to one product. Trust me it difficult but am trying hard. I dyed my hair recently which I vowed never to do again. Am planning on buying some vitamins and also having my own hair regimen.


So far so good, in just some few months after trimming, the longest length is 7 inches and the shortest about 4 inches. This looks promising than when I started my first hair growth journey.

In my next publication, I will go deeper into some do’s and don’ts when starting a natural hair journey. Please leave your comments below and follow to get notifications anytime I post something new.

Why I started this blog.

PhotoGrid_1504968707076.jpgHi, am Tanya Agbeka and welcome to my blog, Tanya’s fashion. The name of my blog already describes itself, lol. Am going to be talking about fashion which includes dressing, hairstyles, make up and how to take care of natural and permed hair. Am also going to talk about other stuffs which might not be related to fashion. Thanks

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